The rise of artificial intelligence in restaurants

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The rise of artificial intelligence in restaurants

In 2024, the restaurant industry is undergoing a momentous transformation, driven by the large-scale adoption of artificial intelligence to enhance every aspect of the dining experience. Seven out of ten restaurants are embracing this technology to maximise personalisation of the services they offer, using chatbots and photo and video generation tools to meet specific customer needs.

This trend towards technological innovation is also reflected in the dining room and kitchen environment, where 84% of restaurateurs are already leveraging technology tools to optimise internal operations, while 77% have implemented advanced technologies to improve the production and quality of dishes.

Lorenzo Ferrari, president of the Catering Observatory and CEO of the RistoratoreTop agency, explains: “Technology inside the restaurant, understood as both hardware and software, is radically changing the way of doing catering, increasingly eliminating repetitive tasks and all activities that can be delegated to a machine or an algorithm and thus curbing the waste of working hours and hence economic resources. This phenomenon, triggered in terms of exponential and almost capillary growth by the pandemic, is destined to consecrate itself as normality in 2024 and accompany the category from here on. These are small transformations that are mostly invisible to the customer's eye, but huge in entrepreneurial terms for operators in the sector who want to grow and consolidate”.

But it is not only the kitchen that is being revolutionised. In the field of marketing and communication, digital has also taken over, with 95% of restaurateurs using online platforms to interact with customers and promote their business.

What makes this transformation even more surprising is the explosion of the use of artificial intelligence in the industry. By 2023, 40% of restaurateurs have already embraced this technology on an ongoing basis. Now, 73% are preparing to further enhance their use of AI in 2024, focusing on advanced data analysis, creative ideation and multimedia production to deliver increasingly engaging and personalized dining experiences to their customers.

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