The biotechnology sector in Italy is growing fast

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The biotechnology sector in Italy is growing fast

According to the eighth annual online update of the ENEA-Assobiotec report 'Biotechnology companies in Italy', the numbers of the biotech sector in Italy show a good growth rate.

The sector now comprises more than 800 companies, 82% of these are micro/small companies, while companies with more than 250 employees account for just under 8% of the total. In terms of the number of employees, the sector employs 13700 people and its turnover is around 13 billion. Lombardy, Latium, Tuscany and Piedmont alone account for more than 90% of the sector's turnover, 80% of intra-mural R&D investments and 80% of the workforce.

Even if the numbers of biotech in Italy today are still small compared to those of other countries, some elements, such as the resources that will be made available by the PNRR, the arrival of new public and private capital, and the launch of a National Plan for Biotechnology (recently announced by the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy), suggest that the sector's growth potential in the country over the next few years could be enormous.

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