Made in Italy decree approved

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Made in Italy decree approved

The Council of Ministers approved the Made in Italy decree with provisions to enhance and promote outstanding productions, historical and artistic beauty and national cultural roots as factors to be preserved and passed on for the growth of the country's economy.

The decree includes a series of measures and initiatives to boost the Italian entrepreneurial system with the aim of endowing Made in Italy with new resources, new skills and new protections. Actions are also planned to improve and broaden the network among the main players in the promotion and protection of Italian excellence, as well as regulations to tighten the penalty system for the fight against counterfeiting.

The Fund, called the National Strategic Fund for Made in Italy, with an initial endowment of 1 billion and the goal of stimulating the growth and consolidation of strategic national supply chains, including for the supply phase of critical raw materials.

Also contained are new sectoral measures to support key supply chains of excellence such as the wood-furniture, textile, nautical, ceramics and goldsmiths' products. 10 million euros are earmarked for strengthening self-entrepreneurship and women's entrepreneurship initiatives.

There are actions for:

  • Education: establishment of the Liceo del Made in Italy to promote knowledge and skills related to the excellence of Italian products and tradition;
  • Promotion: establishment of the Permanent National Exhibition of Made in Italy with the aim of promoting and representing Italian manufacturing and cultural excellence through the display of products from the history of Made in Italy and Italian ingenuity;
  • Protection: creation of an official mark of Italian origin of goods with the diction Made in Italy for the promotion of intellectual and commercial property of goods; use of Blockchain for the certification of supply chains and the creation of a national catalog for the census of solutions that comply with current regulations for the traceability of supply chains and to support and promote applied research, development and use of distributed ledger-based technology (DLT) useful for consumer information purposes;
  • Combating counterfeiting: introducing amendments to the system of the penalty system and the Code of Criminal Procedure in this regard.

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