Sweet Aryana cherry, born at UniBo, is making its way to Asia

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Sweet Aryana cherry, born at UniBo, is making its way to Asia

The cherry variety “Sweet Aryana PA1UNIBO”, developed by the Department of Agri-Food Sciences and Technologies (DISTAL) at the University of Bologna, is entering the Asian market. It has been introduced to the Asian market by ANA Chile, a Chilean company that is a leader in the globalized management of fruit varieties.

Despite the adverse weather conditions, in 2023, over 63,700 kilograms of this variety were exported from Chile to China. While this quantity is lower than expected, it is still a 94% increase compared to the volume exported in the previous year.

University of Bologna has a decade-long history of improvement in fruit crops, especially cherries, pears, apples and kiwis. Genetic improvement in cherry trees has been one of its most significant activities since the 1980s. The varieties in the Sweet series include PA1UNIBO, PA2UNIBO, PA3UNIBO, PA4UNIBO and PA5UNIBO. Alongside these are the brands Sweet Aryana, Sweet Lorenz, Sweet Gabriel, Sweet Valina and Sweet Saretta. In 2015, the series was expanded with the addition of PA7UNIBO Sweet Stephany, followed by the earlier-ripening PA8UNIBO Sweet Dave.

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