Olio Intini:  the real Made in Italy olive oil that connects four generations

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Olio Intini:  the real Made in Italy olive oil that connects four generations

The extra virgin olive oil of the Italian producer “Olio Intini” is nowadays one of the best in the world, due to the long story that lasts four generations and involves the rich territory between Alberobello and the Itria Valley in Apulia. Its excellence has been confirmed by the numerous awards won over time such as the awards for “Best Puglia Oil 2021” by Airo, “Best of Italy Olive Japan 2021” and “Best Monocultivar in Italy” by Gambero Rosso.

For years, the owner Pietro Intini has fought against counterfeit Made in Italy products to offer an Italian oil that presents precise organoleptic characteristics. Indeed, his oil is traditional, blended, monocultivar, or organic. It could also present more or less intense fragrances and decisive and varied tastes.

The quality is what really sets this olive oil: as Pietro says, “our oil is not just oil, but it's also good for health". The Italian extra virgin olive oil is what would be defined today as a “superfood”: rich especially in vitamin E and antioxidants. In that regard, Pietro Intini would like to point out that, contrary to counterfeit oil, a quality olive oil could present some defects, such as bitter and spicy notes.

The “Olio Intini” farmhouse aims to export the real “Made in Italy” food worldwide and, in particular, to enhance the Italian territory, the original seat of olive oil production, that tries to save the artisanship despite the use of new techniques and latest technologies.

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