New rules for labels on eco-friendly products

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New rules for labels on eco-friendly products

By 2026, the use of generic terms like “ecological”, “eco-friendly”, “natural”, “sustainable”, and “biodegradable” on product labels will be prohibited. The European Parliament has approved a directive that will improve product labeling and ban the use of misleading environmental claims. This is aimed at countering some forms of greenwashing employed by companies to emphasize their environmental commitment.

Companies will therefore need to provide concrete evidence of their environmental performance.  

What will be prohibited?

- Environmental claims that are not verified through recognized and approved certification schemes will be banned.

- Misleading communications about the durability of a product, if this depends on known characteristics that can limit durability and use over time, will be banned.

- Claims based on emission offset schemes will be banned.

The next steps for the approval of this new regulation on greenwashing will involve awaiting the approval of the EU Council and publication in the Official Journal. After these phases are completed, Member States will have 24 months to apply the new rules.

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