Mediterranea: agreement between Confagricoltura and Unione Italiana Food

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Mediterranea: agreement between Confagricoltura and Unione Italiana Food

From an agreement between Confagricoltura and Unione Italiana Food, a new association was born last January: Mediterranea. The initiative is based on the success achieved by the "Protocollo d’intesa grano duro-pasta”, whose model now aims to be spread to other sectors represented by the two founding organizations. 

The alliance centers around the Mediterranean model and its supply chains with the goal of increasing production efficiency, supporting Italian agri-food exports, and promoting and enhancing the Mediterranean diet, all while maintaining high product quality standards. 

The aim of Mediterranea, as stated by Confagricoltura President Massimiliano Giansanti, is to "structure Italian agri-food supply chains in a way that they become increasingly competitive in the markets”. As President Giansanti notes, Italian agriculture ranks among the top in Europe in terms of added value. If the inherent qualities of Italian agricultural production could be effectively combined with the strengths of the industrial sector, it could make the Italian agri-food sector the "number one in the world”.

To achieve this, the association has planned a series of initiatives, including the collection and dissemination, through promotional campaigns and communication, of data related to the Mediterranean diet.

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