Italy queen of Europe in tourist reputation

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Italy queen of Europe in tourist reputation

Italy claims the top spot in the overall ranking of European tourist reputation. Following closely are Spain and Germany.

These are the findings from the Demoskopika study on the reputation of regional tourist systems, which has expanded this year to the European level with the European Tourism Reputation Index (Etr Index). Italy, with 109.1 points, leads the overall ranking, securing the top position in 3 out of 5 indicators (destination search, popularity, TripAdvisor confidence destination) and earning a silver medal in the evaluation of the receptive system.

Trentino-Alto Adige, with 112.1 points, maintains its first position in the overall ranking of the Demoskopika Regional Tourism Reputation Index, based on the following indicators: visibility and interest of regional institutional tourist portals; trust and trends of each regional tourist destination overall; reputation of the receptive system. Additionally, Trentino-Alto Adige ranks first as the "most social destination in Italy" (127.8 points) and second in receptive offerings with the highest satisfaction from tourists/consumers (111.9 points).

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