Galileo and Hope intend to consolidate their collaboration in Italy

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Galileo and Hope intend to consolidate their collaboration in Italy

Galileo, a pan-European renewable energy platform, and Hope, a renewable energy plant design company with technical-operational headquarters in Bari (Italy), have signed a joint development agreement for a 300 megawatt pipeline of onshore wind power plants in Italy.

The agreement provides for the design of onshore wind power plants throughout Italy and consolidates the collaboration between the two companies, which are already involved with joint ventures in floating offshore wind power in the Adriatic Sea: Lupiae Maris (525 megawatts) and Barium Bay (1,100 megawatts).

Applications for a number of projects have already been submitted to the national Via Commission: "The collaboration with Galileo is being consolidated and together we want to develop further new projects with renewable sources at the centre, as always", said Michele Scoppio, CEO of the Hope group.

Francesco Dolzani, Galileo's business development director in Italy, further explains: "Onshore wind power accounts for about half of the 10 gigawatts of projects that Galileo is carrying out in nine European countries. We believe, in particular, that this technology still has ample room for penetration in Italy, as witnessed by the objectives of the latest Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan, which envisages 28 gigawatts by 2030, and by the great demand for energy from renewable sources from the Italian industrial sector".

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