The Ftse Mib returns as in 2008

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The Ftse Mib returns as in 2008

The Ftse Mib (Financial times stock exchange Milan), the main index of the Italian stock exchange, reached 29,688.45 points on 29 November, a value last recorded in June 2008. This figure measures and shows the performance of the forty largest companies among those listed in Milan and is therefore very representative of the overall assessment of the trends and health of the country's financial market.

However, this is not the first time that the Italian stock market has risen; in 2023 it reached heights that made it the fittest among European stock exchanges, certifying the growing confidence of international investors in our economy and the companies listed on the Milan stock exchange.

To understand the data, however, one must take into account that the Ftse Mib includes more banks than the lists of other European countries. The interest rate hikes implemented by the European central bank in recent months have allowed institutions to gain a lot from mortgages and loans and thus positively influence the overall performance of the index.

Furthermore, the Ftse Mib is measured in points and not in euro, making comparisons of its value over time easier, otherwise distorted by the different power of the lira and the euro itself over the years. Behind the value in points, however, is the value in euros, which defines the total value of the shares of the forty companies and is currently 620 million euros.

However, the Italian financial market is suffering from the decreasing number of companies listing and the delisting of others.

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