Table grapes protagonist at Macfrut

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Table grapes protagonist at Macfrut

From May 8th to 10th 2024 the 41st edition of Macfrut will be held at Rimini Expo Centre, where table grapes will be at the centre of the event, which will be attended by operators of the sector and experts and players from all over the world. There will be four main themes: the international symposium with companies and technical-scientific contributions, field visits to touch on technical aspects, the exhibition area with the main world producers in the sector, and networking activities.

"Positive is the growth trend in global table grape production, estimated at 5.7 per cent and which for Europe can reach 14 per cent, in particular thanks to the entry into production of new plantings with the new seedless table grape varieties made especially in Italy, the leading European producer and exporter of table grapes, with about 1 million tonnes of grapes produced, almost two thirds in Apulia and one third in Sicily. This primacy has an economic and employment value of the utmost importance. The symposium will be an opportunity for researchers and public and private experts of international standing to meet and discuss issues relating to innovation and varietal protection, propagation techniques and quality of nursery material, new production systems with precision techniques, quality and market management" said symposium coordinator Bruno Mezzetti.

On Wednesday 8 May, the focus will be on genetic programmes, selection and new cultivation, innovations in precision cultivation techniques and management of production systems, storage, processing and post-harvest quality management techniques, and finally the varieties preferred by consumers. On Thursday 9 May, on the other hand, it will be time for market trends and production trends in the presence of the world's top players, while the final day on Friday 10 May 2024 will be dedicated to technical visits guided by experts in the test field set up inside the exhibition in what has been dubbed Table Grape on Field.

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