Record-breaking Satispay: becomes a unicorn

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Record-breaking Satispay becomes a unicorn

Made in Cuneo fintech Satispay has been proclaimed a unicorn, which is a company with a valuation of one billion euros.

Thanks to an investment of 320 million euros, the company exceeds its valuation of one billion, stated  CEO Alberto Dalmasso. "Satispay aims to become the largest fintech in Europe" Dalmasso pointed out, telling how behind it is a great desire to expand to new countries in which to offer its digital payment services.

It is the U.S. fund Addition that has subscribed the largest share of the investment, worth 320 million, in addition to funds from Greyhound, a major supporter of the platform since 2018, Coatue Block, Tencent, Banca Mediolanum and Lightrock.

Investment will be used to achieve the goals set by the company's growth plan, especially in the acquisition of new customers, countries and additional services. In fact, the founders of Satispay have forward-looking ideas: to grow more, in addition to increasing the number of customers, there is also the possibility of acquiring new startups, for example in the area of loyalty programs, and opening new markets by targeting the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece and Portugal.