'Perrina': new late season clementine Made in Italy

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'Perrina': new late season clementine Made in Italy

The first harvest of the new variety of late season clementines made in Italy has begun in Campania. It is called 'Perrina' and is the result of a spontaneous mutation of the common clementine, identified by the Calabrian agronomist Francesco Perri.

Maturing from the second half of january until early february, 'Perrina' is the outcome of investments by Op Armonia, one of the leading Italian citrus companies based in Battipaglia (Salerno). In the 2023-24 harvesting campaign, 80 thousand kilograms of fruits are expected from the 20 hectares of state-of-the-art citrus orchards in the Salerno countryside, between Eboli and Battipaglia.

Marco Eleuteri, the president of Op Armonia, expressed his views on this new variety: "This late-season variety will fill the production gap created by the varietal obsolescence of the common clementine. Thanks to the varietal improvement program for Italian clementines, hundreds of hybrids have been developed from 2017 to date, currently under observation in our experimental fields. There is a good chance of identifying some new varieties of clementines and mandarin-like fruits with higher quality characteristics than those currently on the market or, at least, with distinctive features compared to the existing ones. Consider the new varieties of 'easy peeler' citrus with pigmented pulp, which have generated significant interest in the international citrus market".

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