Fake Made in Italy increases worldwide and is an issue

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Fake Made in Italy increases worldwide and is an issue

The latest alarm launched by Coldiretti confirms that counterfeit Italian food is among the most widespread in the world and is estimated to amount to over 120 billion, which in fact translates into a loss of resources and job opportunities for our country. The Italian 'Food and Wine' quality system counts on 841 protected specialities that develop a production value of 20.2 billion, an increase of 6.4% on an annual basis. “Italian sounding” is the phenomenon that exploits marketing made up of words and images, colour combinations, and references evocative of Italy to promote and market agri-food products that have nothing to do with the Italian agri-food tradition, and it occurs at various levels in all continents.

Coldiretti ranks the most counterfeited products: "At the top of the list of the most counterfeited products are cheeses, starting with Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano, with the production of copies exceeding that of the originals, from Brazilian parmesao to Argentinean reggianito and parmesan spread across all continents. But there are also imitations of Provolone Gorgonzola, Pecorino Romano, Asiago or Fontina. Among the cured meats, the most prestigious ones are cloned, from Parma to San Daniele, but also mortadella Bologna or salami cacciatore and extra virgin olive oil or preserves such as San Marzano tomatoes that are produced in California and sold all over the United States". Not to mention wines, from Chianti to Prosecco, such as German Perisecco, Austrian Whitesecco, Russian Prosecco and Crisecco from Moldova while in Brazil in the Rio Grande area.

The United States, Russia, Germany and Australia are the countries that fake the most specialities, but fake Made in Italy is also widespread in Italy.

To recognise fake Made in Italy requires a careful eye and before buying, it is best to evaluate: the origin of the product, the price, and the PDO and PGI marks.

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