Emilia-Romagna invests in fashion

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Emilia-Romagna invests in fashion

Fashion valley of Emilia-Romagna continues to focus on its activities, aiming for the quality of products and production processes, with a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability. This was made possible thanks to the support of the Emilia-Romagna Region, which has funded 140 initiatives with over 7.2 million euros, in addition to European funds such as Fesr, Fse Plus, and Pnrr supporting investments.   In Emilia-Romagna there are 14,951 active businesses in the fashion sector, with 6,266 belonging to the manufacturing industry. Through calls financed with European resources from the Fesr Program 2021-2027, the Region has funded:

- 35 projects to increase levels of digitization in businesses with contributions totaling 2.5 million euros;

- 42 projects for participation in international trade fairs in 2022 and 2023, amounting to almost 730,000 euros;

- 10 internationalization projects for SMEs with funding of 470,000 euros;

- 4 energy efficiency projects (contribution of 265,000 euros);

- 19 projects for female-owned businesses (495,000 euros);

- productive investments totaling 458,000 euros;

- collaborative research for over 600,000 euros;

- strategic industrial research for 1 million euros;

- support for startups amounting to 34,000 euros;

- contributions to cultural and creative businesses totaling almost 1.2 million euros.

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