DOP and IGP cheeses in restaurants

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DOP and IGP cheeses in restaurants

At Cibus in Parma, an agreement was signed on the "Guidelines for enhancing DOP and IGP cheeses on restaurant menus", born from the collaboration between Afidop and Fipe Confcommercio, under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty.

A survey conducted on over 20 thousand Italian restaurants revealed that only one out of four restaurants uses and serves DOP cheeses, and of these cases, only 10% enhances them to the fullest. The Guidelines for enhancing DOP and IGP cheeses aim to reverse this trend.

Thus, a collaboration emerges between two strategic sectors for Made in Italy: on one side, the certified cheese sector (with a consumption value of 8.6 billion euros), and on the other, the restaurant sector (with a consumption value of 92 billion euros).

Currently, there are 21 cheeses included in the guidelines. For each one, the correct denomination on menus is indicated, along with the accurate description of their characteristics and storage methods. Advice will also be provided on their impact as well as on maintaining their sensory properties. This will be especially useful abroad, where cheeses are the most used Italian product by restaurants, after wine.

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