Altagamma Award – Believing in the Future

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Altagamma Award – Believing in the Future

Seven young companies emerged as winners in the eighth edition of the Altagamma Award – Believing in the Future. Blazé Milano, Engine, Forestis, Ilaria Icardi, Invictus Yacht, Olev, and Ricehouse were "selected from over 100 applications by a jury of journalists from various sectors" because, as stated by the CEO Stefania Lazzaroni, they possess "the spirit and energy to become the future protagonists of the Italian high-end sector". According to the CEO, Made in Italy needs to be nurtured with initiatives that support new excellences.  

The seven categories reflect the broad spectrum of Italy, precisely because they cover different sectors: "from smart lamps for psycho-physical well-being to made-to-order fashion; from luxury hotels in the heart of the Alps to the excellence of Calabrian yachts; from building materials derived from rice processing waste to bottled spirits".  

The winning companies will be part of Altagamma for a year and will participate in training sessions.  

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